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CNC Machine Introduction

1 minutes
February 8, 2020

So this is my journey in building my CNC machine. It is something that I always wanted to do actually, I think that every robotics enthusiast is fascinated by this tool. Obviously I was inspired by a number of CNC projects over the web:

  1. Homo Faciens This is the base site for every robotics/electronics enthusiast. Lots of tutorials, projects and ideas. Everything is very clearly explained. My first goto page when I need some idea or inspiration
  2. Instructable by koff1979 very good and thorough explanation of his machine.
  3. NYC CNC youtube channel in particular this video

there are many other sources out there, I will add more as I go along

There are also a number of tool sites that are very interesting, I am listing the first one that I found and hopefully I will have an entry with all the tools that I am using somewhere: