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So finally I organized my electronics workbench

1 minutes
January 24, 2020

I finally found the time and will to put some order where I work with electronics. This is how it is looking:

My workbench

I found the shelf at Lidl and it was a perfect fit on the bench. Some of the tools that I have:

  1. My ancient Trio 25Mhz dual channel oscilloscope. I bought this one 33 years ago and it has been a faithful companion over the years.
  2. Variable bench power supply. E-bay.
  3. Function generator. E-Bay.
  4. Beco Soldering station.
  5. USB oscilloscope. Not best out there but very comfortable and I am using it a lot lately.
  6. Anicubic Kossel 3D printer. Not the easiest printer out there but I love the flexibility that it offers.
  7. Home made power supplied from computer PSUs.
  8. A couple of multimeter units.