Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Library

A Type-2 fuzzy logic implementation
type2_fuzzy_library fuzzy python

A type-2 fuzzy logic library providing:

  1. Ways to define and work with general type-2 fuzzy sets
  2. Ways to define and work with interval type-2 fuzzy sets
  3. Ways to generate z-sliced sets from general type-2 fuzzy sets
  4. Functions to perform wavy-slice type-reduction (Mendel-John) on general type-2 fuzzy sets
  5. Functions to perform interval type-2 reduction (Karnik-Mendel)
  6. Functions to perform partial-centroid type-reduction on general type-2 fuzzy sets
  7. Functions to perform defuzzification of type-1 fuzzy sets
  8. Tools to measure the performance of algorithms
  9. Tools to plot general, interval and z-sliced type-2 fuzzy sets and type-1 fuzzy sets and more
  10. Ways to define and work with type-1 fuzzy sets
  11. Ways to define and work with linguistic variables

and more

All type2fuzzy wheels distributed on PyPI are BSD licensed.

Examples of how this library was used to work some famous type-2 fuzzy logic papers can be found here:

Type2Fuzzy Library Examples Repo


Type2Fuzzy Library Web Page

Change History

version 0.1.38 - 08.03.2020

  1. Added Type-1 Fuzzy Variable Class

version 0.1.37 - 07.03.2020

  1. Fixed bugs in creation of type-1 fuzzy sets
  2. Moved project in a virtualenv
  3. Added more type-1 fuzzy set unit tests

version 0.1.36 - 18.02.2020

  1. Added generation of triangular type-1 sets unit test. Removed extended method

version 0.1.35 - 18.02.2020

  1. Fixed bug in generation of triangular type-1 sets

version 0.1.34 - 18.11.2019

  1. Ability to create Interval Type-2 fuzzy sets having a gaussian function with fixed mean and fixed standard deviation as per Karnik and Mendel 1996 - Karnik, Nilesh N., and Jerry M. Mendel. “Introduction to type-2 fuzzy logic systems.” 1998 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems Proceedings. IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (Cat. No. 98CH36228). Vol. 2. IEEE, 1998.
  2. An experimental way to define General Type-2 fuzzy sets through horizonal slices

version 0.1.33 - 15.11.2019

  1. Updated repo information

version 0.1.32 - 15.11.2019

  1. Get domain limits for a type-1 fuzzy set

version 0.1.31 - 12.11.2019

  1. Added library website
  2. Convert a gt2fs into an it2fs -An it2fs can be generated form a gt2fs by using from_general_type2_set
  3. Creation of it2fs as found in literature - Creation of it2fs as specified by Karnik and Mendel
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